About the Speakers

Jugveer Randhawa - Headshot.png

Jugveer Randhawa, VP Technology Delivery at Compass Digital Labs

Jugveer is a strategic digital technology leader with in-depth experience delivering innovative technology solutions to meet complex business needs.

He builds and develops high performance teams and is adept at developing strategic execution plans to rapidly deliver and support multi-technology solutions within complex business environments. A highly-motivated leader at Compass Digital Labs, Jugveer is recognized as a partner within the senior executive team who can quickly enable technology strategies to drive business results.

Michael Fiato - Headshot.png

Michael Fiato, Vice President of Customer Experience at Eurest Dining

Guiding corporate culture and achieving world-class guest experiences has been the focus of Michael’s career. He has spent time with Disney, Ritz Carlton, Zimmerman’s and the Fish Mongers of Seattle in pursuit of that goal. Michael is constantly focused on innovation, combining the guest experience with purchasing behaviors, demographic analytics and new digital platforms to create a truly Inspiring experience.

Michael created the 7 Essentials of Exceptional Customer Service that are used daily by internal associates, as well as the Onsite Insights focus group platform to better understand the desires of his external customers.

Jordan Ekers - Headshot.png

Jordan Ekers, Chief Customer Officer at Nudge Rewards

Jordan is a recognized technology entrepreneur who has worked with many of North America’s most prominent retail and foodservice brands to help improve the customer experience.

With extensive experience in customer loyalty, rewards strategy and mobile technology, he co-founded Nudge Rewards to help brands find a better way to communicate, engage and reward employees for exceptional performance.