Move fast, move aggressively

Lindsey Goodchild chats with Rich Adam, Managing Director, Technology Sector at PwC Canada sharing her journey to building Nudge Rewards, diving into the importance of having investors with relevant sector experience and a team that can laugh while under pressure.

Here’s what our speakers cover off:
  • The power of having the right people around you
  • Valuable lessons from raising while building a $100 million dollar company
  • Advice to other entrepreneurs looking to become venture-backed
Listen to the 24-minute podcast to learn more.

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About the Speakers

Rich Adam
Rich Adam

Managing Director, Technology Sector

Rich Adam hosts PwC Canada’s Raise podcast, featuring Canadian startup founders who have recently secured funding for their company. With every raise being different, the podcast series gives listeners an opportunity to delve into remarkable journeys and gain insight into how startups have successfully raised capital.
Lindsey Goodchild
Lindsey Goodchild

CEO and Co-Founder

Lindsey Goodchild is the CEO and Co-Founder of Nudge Rewards. With extensive experience consulting in retail and hospitality, Lindsey has spent years working with global brands to understand employee behavior, improve the employee experience, and measurably impact frontline team performance.