Enabling brands to inspire frontline teams

Jordan Ekers talks with Bart Egnal from The Humphrey Group on enabling brands to inspire frontline teams, in retail, foodservice, and hospitality, to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Here’s what our speakers cover off:
  • Inspiring frontline associates through a mobile app
  • Engaged associates equal an improved customer experience
  • Companies must communicate with a purpose
  • Role of employees in brand success
Listen to the 35-minute podcast to learn more.

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About the Speakers

Bart Egnal
Bart Egnal

President & Chief Executive Officer

Based in Toronto, Bart has spent over a decade working with senior executives to help them speak as influential, inspirational leaders. He began his career with The Humphrey Group and since has opened offices in Vancouver, Calgary, and Mexico. Today, Bart continues to work as an executive coach while designing and leading the delivery of enterprise-wide programs that foster leadership through communication at all levels.

Lindsey Goodchild
Lindsey Goodchild

CEO and Co-Founder

Lindsey Goodchild is the CEO and Co-Founder of Nudge Rewards. With extensive experience consulting in retail and hospitality, Lindsey has spent years working with global brands to understand employee behavior, improve the employee experience, and measurably impact frontline team performance.