The employee app frontline teams love

Adopted and loved by thousands, the Nudge App helps engage and empower frontline teams to achieve their performance potential.


Send critical updates and drive action

Send targeted, bite-sized updates called ‘nudges’ that drive action and improve employee performance. Leverage multimedia, calls to action, or quizzes to boost engagement and promote positive frontline behavior.

Send critical updates
Share helpful content


Share engaging content to improve knowledge

Improve employee knowledge and confidence with the Buzz resource library. Reinforce product, promotion, or company training and share materials that employees can have on hand and easily reference throughout their workday.


Source employee feedback and gather insights

Gather real-time insights from your frontline and improve your ability to make decisions on time-sensitive topics. Encourage employees to submit feedback and ideas, share best practices, and engage with their colleagues through Spark.

Source employee feedback
Facilitate conversation and collaboration


Facilitate conversation and collaboration

Facilitate secure, peer-to-peer, communication and collaboration with enterprise Chat. Create individual and group discussions based on a defined hierarchy, including location, function, or role.


Gamify performance to accelerate results

Spark team challenges and friendly competition across locations to achieve business objectives and increase engagement. With Nudge, employees can earn points and gain recognition for their performance, and see how they rank amongst their peers on the company scoreboard.

Gamify performance

Don’t take our word for it, ask Nudge users!

Learn how Nudge can help transform employee engagement for your business today.

“I think it’s a pretty cool app. You’re able to share amongst co-workers different ideas, different recipes, concerns, just different things altogether.”

Dawn J.

“This is perfect for the job. Much better than our old system of receiving newsletters.”

Oliver H.

“This is a breakthrough towards bringing employees together.”

Bosco N.

“It’s been awesome learning more about how to save our world, taking advantage of sustainable energy. Please keep it up.”

LeKan O.

“It’s really good to keep track of updates in the workplace.”

Denick J.

“My experience with Nudge is absoulety amazing, it’s informative, and a great learning tool for the processes and procedures we follow.”

Barbara M.

“I really like to use apps like this. I feel more connected to the company.”

Margaret O.


“I like how the app keeps employees connected and rewards engagement! I can see a lot of potential in future idea sharing that can benefit the company.”

Natasha H.


“I think it’s pretty awesome that we have this app to include all team members, so more people can share their input and just feel more included!”

Cassandra V.

“It helps to know what the promo for the month is and helps team members participate in sales and services.”

Jennifer C.

“Definitely a lot of fun. A very useful way to share success and positive feedback with fellow associates and managers.”

Damon H.


“I really appreciate the ease of use, even for us old school people.”

Wayne S.

“I love this app. It keeps people in tune with their company and also is a fun competition. Also can get ideas from other people.”

Alicia V.


“Nice to read the stories about employees helping customers to enjoy their experience shopping at Soft Surroundings. Thanks for the inspiration. It’s always good to look for those opportunities to help others.”

Linda C.

“This is an incredible tool to get my team involved with everything Margaritaville!!!”

Kar Lawton.

“Nudge is a step in the right direction to not only connect to hundreds of employees in schools committed to our company, but also to share ideas and gain insight to what everyone else is thinking. We have to stay connected. It is the only way we can improve from being as a great as we are now.”

Troy G.

“Great tool to allow associates to be cheerleaders for eachother. It is also a way of intergrating new and old associates to learn more about each other, building up relationships and pulling a company together. First lesson I learned in business is there is no “I” in team.”

Susan W.

“I love this app. I like knowing what is going on with the company. This is a great opportunity for me to do so. It’s also a great way to break up the monotony of the day. I highly recommend this app and am looking forward to what is next.”

Debra F.

“Since I downloaded this app, I’ve learned so much more about the company and the people within it.”

Nakeisha S.

“Great tool to keep connected, informed, and inspired by the company you work for. Enjoy seeing what others are doing in other cities and states.”

Michael T.