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In today’s highly competitive retail environment, the store experience provides a unique opportunity for differentiation and empowered associates are key.

We work with leading retail brands on the following challenges

In-store conversion

Drive behaviors that convert during the moments that matter most in the in-store journey.

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Product knowledge

Review areas of high or low knowledge and focus valuable coaching time where it’s needed most.

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Executing promotions and limited-time offers

The execution of in-market initiatives separates good retailers from great. Arm your associates to deliver on the “last mile.”

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Empowering managers

Frontline managers have actionable insight on improving their location’s performance, right at their fingertips.

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Employee engagement and retention

It’s more important than ever to keep up with employee expectations in a tight labor market. Familiar, two-way communication pathways keep associates engaged.

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Rewards and recognition

Gamification, recognition, and leaderboards add an extra layer of engagement, while fostering friendly competition.

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Customer experience and brand promise

Consumers are getting more and more educated before setting foot in a store. Avoid the “experience gap” by empowering associates to meet rising expectations.


…and more!

Whatever your goals, Nudge employee campaigns can drive meaningful results.

Case study: Golf Town

Case study

Golf Town lifts store conversion by 8% with Nudge

Learn how this specialty retailer reinvented itself by investing in the store experience, including empowering retail associates.

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The fourth transformation in retail: narrowing the experience gap

Customers are walking into stores more educated than ever, resulting in an experience gap between shoppers and store associates. Download our 15-page ebook on delivering a consistent customer experience by improving frontline experience.

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Our ability to quickly and safely reopen was possible in large part to the partnership we have with Nudge. We’ve always put a priority on listening to our frontline associates, and during this unprecedented period, we’ve depended on store feedback at each stage of reopening, helping us stay agile without ever compromising on high standards of customer experience.

Marc Galloway, Soft Surroundings

Marc Galloway, VP of Store Operations, Soft Surroundings


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