All-time high staff turnover rates are damaging customer experience

Foodservice brands that fail to prioritize their frontline staff are finding themselves at a disadvantage as competition for talent intensifies.

We work with foodservice brands on the following challenges


Promotions and limited time offers

Reinforce executional information on tactical promotions and inspire friendly competition between locations.

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Drive awareness and adoption of sustainability initiatives across locations.

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Upsell and cross sell

Make the most of each guest interaction by influencing behaviors that impact upsell and cross sell opportunities at the right time.

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Reduce food waste

Get staff buy-in and participation in waste reduction measures with positive reinforcement and gamification of compliance actions.

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Employee engagement

It’s more important than ever to keep up with employee expectations in a tight labor market. Familiar, two-way communication pathways keep staff engaged.

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Quality assurance

Keep QA top of mind (and fun) with knowledge-testing and real-time feedback loops, to ensure safety of guests and staff.

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Reduced turnover

Nothing tarnishes your brand faster than understaffed locations. Improving frontline engagement and training is a proven strategy for reduced turnover.


…and more!

Whatever your goals, Nudge employee campaigns can drive meaningful results.


Gen Z and labor shortage challenges in foodservice

A driver of sales and traffic performance is delivering on exceptional service, which is close to impossible in the ongoing battle for talent. Gen Z could be the silver lining, but this emerging workforce comes with expectations and preferences of their own. Learn more in this 15-page eBook. 

eBook: Gen Z and labor shortage challenges in foodservice
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Your best ideas always come from the field.

But our associates haven’t always had a way to communicate those ideas back to us.

Nudge certainly provides them with an outlet.



Foodservice safety: 5 best practices for sustained knowledge retention

Workplace safety might be covered off during the first three months of onboarding, but is it being retained long term? Read how Nudge can help.

eBook: Gen Z and labor shortage challenges in foodservice

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