No more unread emails, unused Intranets, and relying on word of mouth to reach your frontline employees. 

The Nudge Rewards mobile application connects and engages your frontline employees, ensuring they not only have the information they need to perform, but also are able to provide instant feedback to head office.


Engage Frontline Employees 

Engage your frontline employees quickly and effectively through the Nudge App. Send out critical information, get instant feedback on promotions, and enable conversations between teams, managers, and corporate. 


Train and Educate  

Leverage the power of micro communications, pictures, videos, and interactive questions to deliver critical information and training materials to the frontline. See how effective your communications are by asking knowledge-testing questions and directly sourcing ideas and feedback.


Recognize and Reward  

Boost engagement and drive motivation through social competition, providing recognition, celebrating achievement, and offering support for learning and skill development.


Measure and Optimize  

Measure knowledge rates, engagement levels, and rate of adoption, giving you direct insight into individual and team-based performance across the business. 


Customer Success

Be up and running with your program in as little as six weeks. Our dedicated team of Customer Success Managers will be with you every step of the way - helping you build, execute, and analyze campaigns to drive exceptional results.