Accelerate brand recovery as locations re-open for business

Optimize re-opening and frontline performance under new market conditions.

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Whether you’re ready or not, opportunities await. Make the most of each.

The “planning phase” of re-opening and new adaptations of standout customer experience started yesterday. What can multi-unit brands do right now to prepare? And how will they ensure that their workforce is ready? As forward-thinking brands ask themselves these questions, one thing is clear—frontline associates will play a more critical role than ever before, having a make-or-break impact on business survival and recovery.

“We have been so fortunate to have Nudge on our team; effectively reaching our staff in their most challenging times and preparing our partners and workforce for future opportunities to come. We are confident that Nudge Rewards will help accelerate our pace of reopening and activate a better experience—for both our staff and our guests.”

Dan Leonard, President of Margaritaville Hospitality

All the tools you need to accelerate revenue across units during re-opening and beyond

Expedite team recruitment

Exceptional talent is a number one priority to bring your brand experience back to life. Scale-up your frontline by bringing employees back into the fold and driving vetted referrals when they are needed most.

Accelerate frontline onboarding

Optimize the onboarding experience for new employees, as well as those who are returning back to work. Help newcomers ramp up as well as keep up, with targeted micro-communications and ongoing reinforcement.

Empower managers to assign tasks

Frontline managers will play a key role in optimizing the in-location experience and reintroducing the brand to consumers with evolved expectations. Equip them to deliver on employee and customer needs.

Capture insights with pulse surveys

Keep a pulse on team sentiment and employee needs like willingness to return to work, to optimize team productivity, satisfaction, and retention. Use the insights to learn more about areas of high and low engagement.

Get up and running in a matter of weeks

The brands who capture market share out of the gate will be those who were the most agile during a pivotal time. Nudge’s expert Customer Success team will ensure your employee programs are ready when you are.

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