Nudge Rewards consistently delivers over 70% employee engagement and 60% adoption on programs, resulting in improved performance across frontline teams. 


Create Campaigns 

Nudge Rewards leverages behavioural theory, enabling you to create and deliver targeted campaigns to any employee, in any location, in any role, through a smartphone app. Our Campaign Builder helps you create, schedule and deliver targeted campaigns to drive behaviours that will improve location and team-based performance. 

Crowdsource Feedback & Ideas 

Frontline teams are encouraged to share ideas, feedback, and best practices with their peers and corporate departments, directly through the Nudge app. 

By sourcing feedback directly from the frontline, you will gain access to peer-qualified solutions and insight into consumer opinions and preferences. By encouraging employees to share their best ideas, you’ll create a culture of innovation and open communication, ultimately driving team performance. 



Accelerate Time to Response 

Respond faster to competitive market pressure by leveraging the Nudge Rewards mobile solution to receive time-sensitive feedback from frontline employees on the effectiveness of in- market promotions. Identify what needs to be improved while it still matters, and deliver new information to the team within minutes to maintain a competitive advantage.