Ebook: (RE)Opening
for Business

A three-phase playbook for supporting your frontline associates.

Optimize re-opening and frontline performance under new market conditions

The “planning phase” of re-opening and new adaptations of standout customer experience started yesterday. One thing is clear—frontline associates will play a more critical role than ever before, having a make-or-break impact on business survival and recovery.

In the race to capture market share, it’s easy to overlook this segment of your workforce. Your associates will require re-engagement and re-alignment through a phased approach that takes into account their unique needs at each stage. .


Download the 14-page ebook to learn more about:

  • How to use your brand to connect your employees to your mission, your customers, and to one another
  • Three segments of your frontline (new, returning, and existing employees) and how to align your communication strategy with their needs
  • Three key metrics for redefining success in the first 90 days
  • …and more!

A preview of what’s inside