For the second year in a row, Nudge has been selected as the mobile platform provider for Partners in Project Green’s annual People Power Challenge. Over the course of five months, companies across the Greater Toronto Area are invited to take part in the contest, which challenges them to engage their employees in driving sustainability results within the workplace.

This year, there are 12 companies who are taking part in 1 challenge, using 1 app. How does it all fit together?

The challenge

The People Power Challenge is focused on two things: education around sustainability, and secondly, inspiring action on the topics of energy performance, water stewardship, and waste management. The challenge is open to small and medium-sized organizations (up to 99 employees) and large organizations with over 100 employees. Companies can take part in the challenge in several ways:

  1. Undertaking new sustainability projects
  2. Submitting sustainability ideas and suggestions
  3. Making pledges
  4. Staying connected throughout the challenge with the Nudge Rewards app.

When the challenge ends, the winning teams in each category will be awarded $5,000, based on the number of points earned.

In this year’s challenge, there are 12 companies participating across many industries, including manufacturing, transportation, and real estate, working towards the common goal of greening their bottom line. So far, the challenge has been very exciting, with heated competition between companies and a lot of effort towards earning as many points as possible!

The app 

Last year, Partners in Project Green was looking for a new element to add to the challenge in order to help deliver innovative education components to the People Power Challenge. They reached out to Nudge Rewards to see if we could help. The app is now being used throughout the PPC in order to help engage employees in the challenge. At the beginning of the challenge, each company works to onboard employees to the app for reward points. During the five months, the companies then use the Nudge app to send sustainability-related information on their company’s programs, capture the impact of employee-led sustainability actions, and source feedback on future ideas. Many companies also use the Nudge app to collect pledges from their employees, who are taking environmental action during the challenge!

We recently had the chance to speak with Clifton Coppolino, who works at the TRCA and is organizing this year’s People Power Challenge. When speaking about the mobile platform component of the challenge, he said that “the app provides a different angle on the People Power Challenge. When the challenge started, there wasn’t really an opportunity to get the message out to a wider network within the organization.” Clifton sees the app as a major asset to the contest, as it is a way to keep momentum behind the challenge with it’s ongoing messaging and more importantly, allows companies to create a two-way dialogue with their employees on sustainability within the organization.

blue box with white writing inside that talks to mobile apps

We also had the chance to speak with Stefanie De Adder, who is the Manager of Sustainability and Tenant Engagement at Bentall Kennedy. Employees at Bentall Kennedy have participated in the PPC for the past two years and have approached the entire challenge with great enthusiasm. When asked about the challenge so far, Stefanie stressed that “It’s been a great way to encourage me to encourage my office to participate in sustainability.” As one of the champions for the People Power Challenge, Stefanie has relied heavily on the Nudge app to help spread the word on the ins and outs of the challenge throughout her organization. To create some buzz about its launch, Bentall hosted an Earth Day potluck where employees had to both make a pledge and sign up for Nudge in order to get a plate of food!

Stefanie also spoke about taking employee feedback gathered through the Nudge app and turning it into actionable ideas for Bentall Kennedy’s Blue Team. She noted that (Bentall’s employees) have had really great suggestions relating to waste reduction, such as a paper reuse program or an office supply reuse program”, which her Blue Team is now looking to implement in the future.

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All in all, PPC 2015 has been a great success so far (and we aren’t even at the end). Many creative ideas have been surfaced through the app, and outside of Nudge, there is an incredible number of new sustainability projects coming alive across different organizations.

Each aspect of the People Power Challenge is designed to engage employees in various ways, ensuring that no matter your interests and desired way of engaging, there are options that suit you. Some of the challenge highlights have included volunteer-led tree planting, helping to establish a new recycling process in the manufacturing department, promoting litterless lunches at work, and learning about best practices for conserving water at work and at home through the Nudge app.

The People Power Challenge provides a terrific opportunity for participating companies to learn from one another. Additionally, it’s a great opportunity for sustainability leads to learn from employees across the organization. Here at Nudge, we’re proud to help support the People Power Challenge and its participants in driving positive behavioral change within the workplace.

If you want to see some of the latest action from this year’s challenge, you can check it out on Twitter by searching the hashtag #PPC2015.