The workplace as we know it is changingtechnology is advancing and traditional communication methods are becoming ineffective. Additionally, millennials are making up a significant part of the workforce, with studies showing that in less than 10 yearsmillennials will make up 75% of the global workforce.

While corporate email is still effective in reaching employees in office settings, currently 45% of working millennials in the United States are in retail or hospitality and do not have access to a company email address, creating a communication barrier between head office and the frontline. 

Our infographic below details the next generation of workplace communication and how to best communicate with millennial employees to achieve the best results. In short? Mobile is the key to bridging the communication gap between frontline staff and head office as it keeps engagement levels high with short and concise content.

Using mobile to communicate with front teams enables you to directly reach each employee in real-time. With 83% of millennials open texts within 90 seconds of receiving them compared to email, push notifications further enable you to send bite-sized pieces of information that are relevant, timely, and educational. Mobile empowers employees to perform at their best60% of employees say that mobile technology makes them more productive.

Creating engaging content encourages employees to interact with co-workers, managers, and head office not only helps in removing communication barriers but helps to attract millennial talent. Additionally, it creates a feedback loop where frontline staff can voice their ideas, opinion, concerns, and most importantly customer feedback to corporate.

As attention spans continue to shortenthe average attention space in young adults is only 8 seconds longkeeping communications short and sweet is ideal. Millennials on average read at a rate of 450 words per minute but read about 60 words before losing attention making it important to deliver information in manageable and digestible chunks to be most effective. 

As millennials expand their role in the workplace, developing effective communications will be critical to ongoing business success. Mobile communication programs that are engaging will go a long way to make sure the new generation of frontline employees are knowledgeable and empowered to deliver on memorable customer experiences. Are you ready?

infographic with stats, images, and text around communication and millennials

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