Compass Canada Uses an Employee App to Improve the Guest Experience


Learn how Compass Canada leveraged Nudge Rewards to achieve a 7% lift in average check size and drive a culture of selling on the frontline.

Communicating with 32,000 frontline employees who do not have corporate email addresses is challenging, and ensuring flawless execution is even more difficult. That’s why Compass Canada, a leading foodservice and support services company, sought a digital solution for communicating with frontline staff to help deliver an exceptional guest experience.

With over 3,000 foodservice locations in Canada, including Tim Horton’s, Starbucks®, Pizza Pizza©, and Subway®, Compass Canada was unable to measurably impact frontline performance. In addition to having a large, fragmented workforce, Compass Canada employees also rotate between brands and are often part-time or seasonal hires. With this organizational structure, it’s no wonder why it was a challenge to deliver a consistent and notable guest experience.

“How do we reach 32,000 employees who don’t have corporate emails, communicate with them and instruct them on what to do?” – Jugveer Randhawa, VP Technology Delivery at Compass Digital Labs

Enter Compass Digital Labs – a team of innovators working within Compass Group, focused on finding technology solutions that help create exceptional digital and physical experiences for consumers. Faced with the task of improving frontline execution and performance across North America, Jugveer Randhawa, VP of Technology Delivery, said “we needed to find a better way to support frontline employees to get them to execute how we need them to.”

In partnership with Nudge Rewards, Compass Canada launched the Nudge app across their workforce to provide real-time access to information on promotions and help build a culture of selling. Using the Nudge platform, Compass Canada built outcome-driven campaigns to improve sales across the business, that could be targeted to any region, location, or role. On the employee side, managers and associates now had a way to stay in the loop and share ideas and feedback. They would also earn points and rewards for achieving team-based goals – all in the palm of their hands.

With a focus on driving a lift in sales across their foodservice sector brand, Morrison, Compass Canada leveraged Nudge to engage, educate, and reward employees for taking part in campaigns. By delivering interactive messages about sales objectives, including tips for upselling or promoting the special of the day, Compass Canada was able to help associates feel involved and excited about the task at hand. “We had a 7% sales lift, just from instructing them properly. With Nudge, we were able to quantify what our goal – a 4% increase in average check size – meant to the people actually working with and talking to our customers,” said Randhawa.

With Nudge, Compass Canada completely transformed how they communicate and engage with the frontline. They went from a traditional communications cascade – a system of emailing unit managers’ critical information and relying on word-of-mouth – to using a mobile solution that reaches every employee in the business. By simply changing how they communicated internally and focusing on performance-based outcomes, Compass Canada is now able to achieve the standard of guest experience they strive for.

“Nudge has demonstrated great potential to help us communicate across the organization, leveraging the power of digital.” – Humza Teherany, CEO of Compass Digital Labs

The Compass Digital Labs team sees Nudge as a critical component of internal communications and performance management, while their employees see it as a tool to help them in their day-to-day work. In a survey conducted by Nudge, 90% of employees agreed that using the app helped them achieve the goal of increasing average check size. One Unit Retail Manager, Molly Lonsberry, stated that using Nudge was “overall a great experience. It is a great way to get all associates involved – front of house and back. It really made them feel a part of the selling process.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Compass Canada. It’s exciting to see an industry leader that’s ready to embrace innovation and the future of work with open arms. They have truly recognized the power that technology can bring to improve both the employee and guest experience, allowing them to have a competitive edge in the foodservice industry.” said Lindsey Goodchild, CEO and Co-Founder at Nudge Rewards.

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Our solution provides a reliable way to engage your frontline employees, influence behavior and build high performing frontline teams. Let’s talk!

Ready to Learn More?

Our solution provides a reliable way to engage your frontline employees, influence behavior and build high performing frontline teams. Let’s talk!