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With Nudge Rewards, your team will be educated, motivated and ready to perform.

Step one

Design Powerful Programs

With the Nudge Team Performance Platform, you’ll be able to design programs to engage the frontline that are directly tied to larger business objectives and follow a campaign-based communication strategy.

Set Business Objectives

Choose a business objective you want to impact, whether it’s related to a successful product launch, increased sales, optimized training, or improved customer experience.

  • You’ll be able to achieve business goals by providing relevant and on-the-go training that, with the power of game theory and incentives, helps drive certain behaviours on the frontline.

  • Nudge Rewards Business Objectives
    Nudge Rewards Campaign Initiatives

    Create Campaigns

    Using our platform, you can create targeted campaigns that are delivered directly to frontline employees, through the convenience of their smartphone.

  • We built our software with behavioural theory in mind- designed to help you motivate the team and drive action on the frontline. With our campaign builder, you’ll be able to create, organize, and schedule content that can be delivered to any employee, in any location, in any role.

  • Step two

    Empower The Team

    Say goodbye to unanswered emails, unused Intranets, and relying on word of mouth to reach frontline employees. There’s a new solution to help improve performance and communication across the business, and it’s 100% mobile.

    Reach Frontline Employees

    Reaching your frontline has never been this simple. With the Nudge app, you can conveniently deliver content to managers and team members, in an interactive and engaging way.

  • Help team members do their job better by sending out critical information, training materials, or knowledge testing questions. For the first time, you’ll be able to communicate with the team in a way that they wanted to be communicated to – leveraging the power of micro communication, picture, video, and interactive questions.

  • Nudge Rewards Mobile App
    Nudge Rewards Mobile App

    Crowdsource Feedback & Ideas

    Build high performing teams by creating a culture of innovation and open communication. Encourage employees to share ideas, feedback, and best practices with the team, directly through the Nudge app.

  • By sourcing feedback directly from the frontline, you’ll gain access to peer-qualified solutions, and insight into consumer opinions or preferences.

  • Step three

    Measure & Improve

    With access to real-time analytics, you’ll monitor team performance with ease. Understand how employees are performing, see who’s engaged, and make data-backed decisions for company-wide improvements.

    Get Business Insights

    Through the Nudge Team Performance platform, you’ll be able to measure knowledge rates, engagement levels, and rate of adoption, giving you direct insight into individual and team-based performance across the business.

  • Filter analytics and results based on the hierarchy in your organization. Understand employee knowledge rates on promotions, products, and services across your business, and see how it correlates to team performance on specific business objectives.

  • Nudge Rewards Business Insights
    Nudge Rewards Improve Performance

    Improve Performance

    Start closing the feedback loop. With real-time access to analytics and feedback from the frontline, you’ll be able to identify what needs to be improved, while it still matters.

  • Using our campaign builder, you can deliver targeted communications to improve location or team based performance, whether it’s to help a specific team reach their goal, or to celebrate a success.

  • Step four

    Recognize Achievement

    Boost engagement and drive motivation through social competition, providing recognition, celebrating achievement, and offering support for learning and skill development.

    Spark Social Competition

    Everyone likes a little friendly competition. Raise the stakes by creating challenges between employees, locations, or regions, that are specific to your business objectives.

  • Through the use of points, badges, and leaderboards, your employees will be driven to see if they can accomplish challenges and rise to the top.

  • Nudge Rewards Mobile App
    Nudge Rewards Mobile App

    Make It Rewarding

    Recognize your frontline employees for achieving workplace goals. Through the Nudge app, employees will receive points and recognition for achieving business outcomes, answering questions correctly, providing feedback, and even for reading content.

  • By celebrating day-to-day accomplishments, you’ll see a lift in morale and engagement, ultimately resulting in improved team performance.

  • Features

    Everything you need to engage your frontline employees and managers.

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